Casio VL-TONE VL-1 Electronic Keyboard, Metronome, & Musical Calculator

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You will be entertained for hours playing with this little musical calculator. Grab your musical instrument, turn on the built-in rhythm machine and start jamming!  The original operation manual, warranty, and music book is included.  The box is worn and missing the original foam packing.  Watch the music video "Da Da Da" by Trio.  In the middle of that video they pull out a VL-1 and start playing it!  That is the tune that Bill Gates and Steve Balmer made famous with their VW IBM video.  The VL-1 combined a calculator, a monophonic synthesizer, and sequencer.  Released in June 1979, it was the first commercial digital synthesizer, selling for $69.95.

The Casio VL-1 or VL-Tone has 29 little calculator-type button keys, five preset and one user memory patches, built-in rhythm machine (waltz, swing, rock, samba, etc.) and a 100-note sequencer. There is an LFO with vibrato and tremolo effects and an ADSR envelope. The VL-1 has a built-in speaker and a built-in calculator. It is quite small (11 3/4" x 3" x 1"), light-weight and portable when running on batteries.  

The tinny monophonic blips and beeps that come out of the VL-1 provide a unique accent to your music.  The simple sounds of the VL-Tone have been used by Apollo 440, Devo, the Talking Heads, the Cars, Dee-Lite, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Vince Clarke, Beastie Boys, The Human League, Trio, White Town, and Bill Nelson.

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